Red Mullet & Igloo Zoo @ Glenferrie Road, Malvern

找來同事介紹red mullet, 一間專門以魚為主的餐廳
門面裝潢不錯, 店內環境舒服但氣氛又十分casual

這裡的主打應該是fish & chips吧...

魚炸得脆脆得! 不錯


grill的時候把魚油都逼了出來... 那些油把皮弄得脆脆
再加上sweet chili sauce... 很難會難吃的


我看到其他食客在吃大大的seafood platter


我們吃了igloo zoo 的chilled yogurt

我跟朋友都點了green tea chilled yogurt





  1. hi~ this is Rebecca
    nice to meet u
    i am a uni student from HK
    i m studying in melb

    i love yr blog so much~
    same as yr habit
    i love to explore new restaurants as well.

    just wondering
    u know any good japanese buffet here in melb? maybe sth like " all u can eat"
    especialli SASHIMI.


  2. Hi Rebecca

    Thank you for your comment.
    Frankly there isn't any good japanese buffet in melb...(Good jap rest. mainly in QLD)

    Melba is my all time favourite. (Technically they are not just japanese buffet...they have the seafoods and stuff... which are my favourite.)

    Someone said the SURF & TURF @ Brighton is good... but I went to there once and they are crap. Yamagata @ Doncaster is another famous japanese buffet in town.. well they aren't bad... just soso

    Even Melba's quality went down a bit, still it is much better than Surf & Turf and Yamagata... and the price is expensive too LOL


  3. Yamagata is not worth it pls...its one of the worst Jap restaurant i've been to. srsly they serve you with crap!

    We used to go to Melba a lot but now the price has gone up so much, we took it off our list.

    Now i'd rather buy salmon n tuna from fish market and make sashimi myself, heheee:) I wish i live in sydney, then i can go to their fish market every weekend! they even hv sea urchins, my no.1 favourite!!!

    By the way, theres a beef buffet at Takumi on 32 Bourke St. $45 All you can eat. Theres not much to select from the list, but the marbling in those fatty beef is juz amazing. If you really go there by any chance, rmb to keep ordering scallop and oyster blade beef. YUMMM!!

  4. hahahaha thx for da reply!
    i hv been to yamagata....ya...soso~
    but ya, thx mate! ^^

  5. re honey

    well.. my last and only visit to yamagata was two- three years before.... the food was okay back then. I believe those high-end jap rest like nobu provides better food... but i am too broke to try that... (just wondering is there anyone tried nobu before? can you share your experience with me?)

    It is hard to find a good jap rest with reasonable price in melb. I miss Gold Coast so much... the jap rest. are good up there and the price is cheap! and Yea I wish melb has a fish market like syd as well.....i just love the seafood!!!!!!!

    My boyfriend loves to buy fresh salmon fillet from Costco and make the sashimi & sushi roll at home. It is much cheaper...and taste good!

    Thank for the recommendation.... however...I am not into Wagyu beef that much...I think they are tooo oily for me...


  6. Yea i went to Cosco last friday. I bought 30eggs for $4.99!YAY! i was so happy shopping in there lol i feel like a "C Lie" now haha.
    my frd brought me in last time, so im still thking if i should join their membership or not, hmmmmmm.

    Anyway hv a good weekend Joey:)


  7. ahh by the way, i hvnt tried Nobu but i heard from my frd that your paying for the atmosphere, service and presentation, not the food itself. Though they still give u quality food, but it just doesnt hv to be that pricey...

    AHhh u should try Sakura on Little Collins, they hv some nice fusion sushi;)

    aiya i should be with my lecture slides talk to u next time!

  8. re honey

    From day 1 I arrive to Melbourne I know I will be a I gave up to pretend im not a c9 anymore lol

    if you are going to costco frequently, then i suggest you to join the membership! The rice in there is pretty cheap and i like the little dinner roll so much!! perfect size for breakfast!

    Good luck with your exam!






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